Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monarch and Moose

LNJ 186
I heard back from Monarch Watch, and the tagged butterfly is from Paul Smiths, just north and a bit west of us. I called the VIC up there to see if it was one of theirs, but it isn't. However, they think they know whose tag it is. Will keep you posted.

Moose Sightings
Okay, you probably guessed that since this wasn't the first item on this list, I wasn't the one sighting these moose.

That said - today the moose sightings are pouring in. A male was seen just down the road in Newcomb: out past the ski tow down the Goodnow Road. And another big male was seen out near Long Lake, and a cow out near Raquette Lake. The moose are on the move!


  1. We didnt actually see the moose but in Lake Luzerne, NY over the weekend we tracked a moose all over the riverbank behind our house. You can read about it on my blog and see pictures of the tracks www.corinswalkinthepark.blogspot.com

  2. I've tracked moose in NH, drove all over ME and VT and live here in the Adirondacks,... have yet to "bag" (by camera) my first moose! Sure would love to see one!