Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When Did You Last Fly a Kite?

Click here for inspiration.


  1. Some blackout regulation won't let Canadians view this video, but anyway, I am waiting for sign yet...

  2. Depends on whether you mean "drag a kite" or "fly a kite". We fly a kite whenever we go to the beach, including this fall. But the last time we dragged a kite was in the front yard last spring---our town hosts an annual Fly a Kite Day in April Our field isn't quite big enough to get a kite up unless the wind is blowing full force without a break, which almost never happens, so it kind of bumps along the ground and , jumps up in the air with a gust, then goes back to bumping around. Entertaining for the animals and tires out the kids, at least.

  3. It wasn't long ago I flew my kite...I'll never grow up. :-)

    Go to vimeo, where it isn't blocked to us Canadians.