Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Could it be?

Heard a cardinal this morning - second time in three days. Sadly, he wasn't singing on my street, but hearing him on the next street is incentive to walk the dog in that direction.

Yesterday's springtime bird was a robin - this time a few houses down from me. And last Friday I heard a tree sparrow singing away in the yard. The juncos have returned, too, but bluejays are once more conspicuous by their absence.

The rain that fell overnight melted a lot of snow (well, it melted the new snow that fell yesterday), and this morning it actually felt like spring! (46*F when I got to work.) I waaay over-dressed for our morning walk (turtle neck, wool sweater and duster) and had to completely change when I got home. This is a good sign. I'm waiting to see the first dandelion in bloom along the south end of the house, but I imagine I will have to wait a bit longer - there may be no snow there, but the rest of the yard still has 30+ inches of the stuff.

We had a barred owl checking out the rodent selection at the bird feeders here at work yesterday afternoon. He was all fluffed up and looked very sleepy (eyes at half mast). We'll have to keep an eye peeled for him again today.

Come on, Spring!!! We are ready for you!!!

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