Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Latest Doings...

Spring sprang...and things don't look any different out there. We still have 30" of snow and last night a low of -4. But, oh the stars were spectacular! The moon, which is past full now (how wonderful to have a full moon coincide with the Equinox), is rising later and later, allowing the stars to shine in all their glory. The sky looks as though a jar of glitter was spilled across it.

For the last several nights the coyotes have been in full voice, perhaps esxpressing their joy at the turning of the seasons and the brilliance of the moonlight. Do they find a full moon helpful in locating prey? I find myself waking in the wee hours to a rousing chorus of coyote song, so loud that I imagine that if I looked out the window, hundreds of eyes would be looking back at me. I doubt my fence would serve as any deterent to them - even Toby's head is above the top of the fence these days! I fear to let him out unattended at night - he might leap over the fence in pursuit of a deer or some other "thing" in the woods that begs to be chased. We had a close call this morning, but luckily I had been feeding him treats and he came right over when I called him.

The temps are soaring towards 40*F this afternoon! A veritable heat wave. Come on, Sun - melt that snow!!!

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