Wednesday, February 24, 2010

News of Our Burial is Greatly Exaggerated

Things were a lot whiter this morning when all the trees
were totally blanketed with snow.

I don't know what the news folks are telling the rest of the world out there, but Newcomb is not buried under the preciptation of the current winter storm.

I woke this morning to about 5.5" of new snow. Yes, I had to shovel, if only to get the snowbank at the end of the driveway out of the way. The snow was of the heavy/wet variety, but not too bad.

It has been snowing/sleeting off and on during the day, but accumulation has been slight. The weather report is claiming 3-7 new inches during the day, but maybe most of that is still to come, because as of 3:23 PM (as I write this), we have had less than an inch of new stuff.

Total at the snowstick: 17-18".

When I get home, I should build a snowman. Maybe I'll build a snowdog to keep Toby company when he goes out to pee.


  1. That's too bad, I was hoping for lots of new snow up there (hubby and I are heading up late Friday for the weekend). Perhaps the storm on Thursday-Friday will bring some more?

  2. Jessie - perhaps! Keep your eyes on my blog and I'll keep you posted. :)