Thursday, January 19, 2012

Animals at Play

The following came to my attention via a cousin's Facebook page.

I had a professor who insisted that animals do not play. Well, you'll never convince me of that. This crow is just having the time of its life.

I also recall watching gulls riding the water over the edge of the falls at Niagara Falls. They'd sit on the water, and whoosh! over the edge they'd go, only to take wing after falling a few feet. They then flew back upstream only to sit on the water again and take another ride over the falls. No barrels required.

Here's one more - from PBS's program Nature.

I sure do miss ravens. We had them all over in the Adirondacks. No ravens here in southern Michigan - although I do have titmice instead, and just up the road there are indigo buntings galore in the summer. Some trade-offs aren't too bad.


  1. Those are both great!
    Animals are so much brighter than we give them credit for.

    I liked this article about pigeons that count.