Sunday, March 16, 2008


It may be less than a week until Spring, and the red-wings may be back, but looking out my office window, it is still seriously winter. Last year's beech leaves are still clinging to the trees and they are shivering in the wind blowing up from the lake. The grey sky is sending small snowflakes drifting randomly to the ground, where we still have about 30" of snow.

But we are ready for Spring to spring! I have onions, leeks and cauliflower growing away in my kitchen, and sometime this week I will start the tomatoes (why did I order sixteen varieties?!?!?) and peppers (hope springs eternal). When I go out in the yard with the dog each day after work, I gaze at the plot where the vegetable garden is hiding...I can't wait to get it going for Year Two.


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