Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Red-wings are Coming, the Red-wings are Coming!

Spring cannot be too far away, for despite the 31" of snow we still have (and more falling as I type this), the red-wing blackbirds have arrived! I heard my first one on Friday (six days ago) and whole flocks have shown up in the Newcomb area. I wonder if once they arrive, and they see all the snow (and sit through the subzero nights), do they ever decide to head back south where things are a bit more amenable?

Last night Toby and I skied the golf course again - perfect conditions, especially if one likes to go fast (the crust was solid with just enough of a dusting on top to give traction). Snowfleas abounded along the edges where the greens (whites?) met the woods. With Daylight "savings" Time in effect, we were out until 7 PM and still had plenty of light for the walk home!

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