Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Attention Mushroom Maniacs!

Over the course of this summer we had a fair number of folks stopping in with mushroom ID questions, and while I find mushrooms interesting (the shaggy manes emerged overnight last night, by the way), I am hardly a mushroom expert.

Well, now we have an answer for all the mushroom fanciers out there: the new Adirondack Mushroom Club! Thanks to Bernie Carr, a group is now forming to address the needs of the mycological set.

They are having their first meeting this Saturday, 4 October, at 1 PM at the Cantwell Room of the Saranac Lake Library.

So go and check it out! Bring mushrooms to ID. Have a good time.


  1. Hello,

    Is there still an Adirondack Mushroom Club? I am trying to find one online. I do live near Saranac.


  2. Sandra - you can try contacting Bernie Carr, or Susan Hopkins, her email is She lives in Saranac Lake. Good Luck!