Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bluebirds in October?

Last Saturday (4th), while I was out stacking firewood, I could've sworn I heard bluebirds calling. Nah, I told myself - they've all flown south by now. Well, by golly, wouldn't you know that the next day I not only heard them, but I saw them - a small flock of bluebirds flitting about the trees and lawns of the neighborhood!

While part of me wants to believe that these are "my" bluebirds still hanging around, logic dictates that in reality they are probably more northerly birds who are passing through on their way southward. Perhaps our trees and yards are providing them with some much-needed insect meals to give them energy as they wing their way towards balmier climes.

Meanwhile, every day (and night) more and more Canada geese fly over - I hear their calls even if I don't get to see them.

Our autumn colors are now past peak. The rain and wind of the last week have done their work - the leaves are now falling steadily from the trees. The reds have come and gone, and now a gentle golden glow remains where the leaves are still hanging on. The southern portion of the Adirondacks is probably still approaching peak.

For those looking to camp and enjoy the fall foliage and crisp air, be aware that we are getting very hard frosts on a nightly basis now, and snow has been in the High Peaks for over a week now.

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