Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another New Header Photo

I just got back from putting up winter trail use signs on the Sucker Brook and Sage Trails, and simply had to use one of today's photos for a new header. This is of three glacial erratics that are along the Sage Trail. I call them the Three Sisters.

What a great day to be out, especially if one is a tracker! And for once I think squirrels were not the most numerous tracks out there. Believe it or not, otter tracks reigned supreme! Three otters travelled up the Little Sucker Brook to the old beaver pond, and at least one otter decided to make use of a good portion of the Sage Trail - slides and tracks ran right down the middle of the trail.

Small mammals (deer mouse and shrew) were also out and about. Twice I came across mouse tracks that went on and on, from tree to tree to log, to shrub...must've been out foraging, and lucked out that owls and foxes were hunting elsewhere!

I found one set of marten tracks:

The only tracks I didn't capture on "film" were the fox, which galloped around the back deck into the woods. Hunting birds? Squirrels? Mice?

And of course no trip on the trails would be complete without a few scenic shots, so here they are:

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