Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Caught in the Act

How brazen! Out in the middle of broad daylight! The nerve!

We suspected this was the culprit responsible for the artificially dwarfed hollyhocks, but now it was ripping its way through the hostas as though they were so much lettuce.

I must admit I felt no sympathy for it as it twitched and shook itself at the insects trying to make the it their meal. Ha - fair play. You eat our garden, and the insects can have you!


  1. That deer looks so sleek and fat and healthy! No wonder, after eating such a great diet of your vegetables. Does Toby try to run her off?

  2. Nope, this is at work, where the hound is not allowed to stray (at least not during work hours). But, had he been here, you can be sure the deer would've had a good talking to from him! I'm convinced the deer in the 'burbs (where I live) all know just how far each dog's range is in the neighborhood. They know Toby is on a short leash, Chief is tied on a rope to his front porch, Harley is chained to his dog house, etc. You can tell they know they are safe because they just stand there and stare at you down their long noses with distain, watching your dog nearly throttle himself as he strains against his leash to reach them, barking his head off the entire time.