Saturday, February 11, 2012


Yesterday things were blustery and brisk, with "winter storm warnings" all over the radio.  Flakes fell and drifted all day.  I was on a staff trip with co-workers, and we spent a good part of the day standing around outside at other sites (a boy scout camp and the Leslie Science and Nature Center in Ann Arbor).  Even so, there really wasn't much in the way of accumulation.

This morning, however, it was a slightly different story.  The winds blew steadily all night, and are still blustering away.  When T and I went out for our morning walk, there were plenty of drifts, and just enough snow to make things white.

We cut across the field coming home - and found a trail!  Prime suspect:  deer. 

I was drawn to these two bumps in the snow.  They measure 2.5-3" across.  Hm.  Could be they are little push ups made by some subnivian critter...although there is barely enough "nivian" to "sub."  Perhaps the critter is below the ground, and pushed up some dirt, which in turn pushed up the snow.  I didn't want to disturb things, so we left the mystery unsolved.

It looks like someone was whipping up egg whites into a meringue outside the house!

Things are a bit snowier here at work - I'd say we got a good couple of inches.  Oooo.  That gives you an idea of just how snowless our winter has been - we get excited over a whopping two inches!  And the air finally feels cold - it was 10 degrees (F) according to my car when I drove in this morning, and the wind was whipping.  I bet the wind chill was subzero.  Cold at last.  Brrr.  But the sun is out and it is truly lovely out.


  1. Snow! I've forgotten what it looks like, out here in northern NY. Our winter has been like the longest November ever. We've had a total of one single day for tracking animals in the snow. No fun!

  2. We have a bit more snow, but it has melted and refrozen a few times and is very icy. Nice snow patterns, Ellen!