Saturday, February 9, 2013

Frosty Mornings

Earlier this week we woke one morning to a very heavy fog.  The sun was shining, lifting the fog, but it left its touch on all the plants in the form of some amazing frost crystals.  Sadly, I didn't have my camera that day, so this morning when I saw some nice frost while out filling the bird feeders before going to work, I made sure to take the camera along when Toby and I went for our walk.

You'd think that with all the lack of snow this year, that the deer wouldn't have any problem finding food.  Well, apparently the ornamental cedars in front of the house made the menu this year, for they have stripped at least this one nearly bare!  So much for the presence of a dog being a deterrent!

The early morning light (here the sun doesn't put in an appearance much before 7:30/8:00) makes everything look lovely. 

For years I have tried and tried to capture the sparkling glitter of the morning sun on ice crystals without any success.  This field was full of flashes of light, yet the camera fails to reproduce them.  

Shadows, on the other hand, come out quite well.  

It's been so long since I've done frost photography that I forgot that I'm better off with the macro lens than the regular lens.  Oh well - we make do with what we have!

When I first approached this nest box, a male house sparrow was perched on top and singing his heart out.  Hm...already setting up his territory?  This year I have vowed to try to do in the house sparrows on my property so the bluebirds can use the boxes I put up for them.  "They" say that all you have to eliminate is the male...once he is gone, the houses he guards will be available for the bluebirds.   We'll see how that goes.

All too soon it was time to head to work.  Maybe this weekend (Sunday/Monday for me) will provide some more wintery photo opportunities.


  1. The diamond sparkle of frost and new snow -- our compensation for enduring the cold of winter. Nice photos!

  2. I like the photos you took and do hope you take more.