Monday, February 18, 2013


Gosh, I write nothing for weeks on end, and suddenly I have three posts in one day!

A couple weeks ago I posted about a red-bellied woodpecker that I saw in a cavity down the road from my house.  Well, it's been there every single morning Toby and I have gone out for our walk.  This morning I made a point of bringing my camera and the big lens.  I should've brought the tripod along as well, for I have a hard time holding the camera steady with that lens, but all things considered, these didn't come out too badly.

I give you my neighbor, the red-bellied woodpecker:

As you can see, he has some "stuff" in his beak.  It could be that he is excavating the hole - he's got stuff he's spitting out almost every time I see him.  But, as speculated before, it could be he's just roosting in this cavity - they do that.

And here you can see both the upper story door as well as the lower story door.  Is this indeed a duplex, or are there two holes into the same cavity?  Without a Treetop Peeper (camera on a pole), a ladder or climbing spikes, I will never know the answer.


  1. Ah yes, the Red-bellied Woodpecker, whose most prominent field mark is its bright red head! Nice photo!

  2. Oh my goodness is he/she ever cute! He because of the color? I'd have to look it up as I honestly don't know. We have a spectacular flicker who pays us a visit when we put out suet. The colors and speckles are amazing.