Sunday, January 13, 2008

Common Redpolls

One of the perks of my job is a great view out my office window. A few years ago I put up a plant hanger outside my window; in the summer a hummingbird feeder graces this spot, and in the winter, I put out black oil sunflower seeds.

Early on this winter, when it was technically still autumn, we were hit with waves of winter birds: redpolls, goldfinches, snowbuntings, and even Bohemian waxwings (not at the feeders, but in Newcomb in general). Almost as suddenly as they arrived, they moved on through and disappeared. Lots of folks down-state are getting lots of life birds this winter.

Still, today the redpolls have returned to my window feeder. Mostly I have the old standbys: black-capped chickadees and nuthatches, both the red- and white-breasted varieties. It is nice to see the redpolls again - it reminds us that winter is still here (despite the recent rain and near-tropical temperatures).

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