Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why a blog?

Many folks who are naturalists tend to be the "back-to-nature" sort of people. We eschew technology, preferring the simplicity of earlier times. I am often in this category. In a perfect world, I think I would be doing the whole homesteading "thing" - living off-the-grid, raising all my own meat and vegetables, etc.

BUT! This isn't to say I don't appreciate some of the technology that's out there. As an environmental educator, I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the outdoors with other people who are interested in learning. It used to be that one could only do this by writing books or letters, or in one-on-one encounters with visitors. However, in this very modern age, we now have blogs, spaces where we can post our thoughts and musings, where we can share our interests and our knowledge with others who might be like-minded.

So, I am taking those first tentative steps into the blog-o-sphere. I hope to interests and intrigue visitors with nifty notes about the natural world around me: the Adirondack Park. You will probably meet my dog here, "listen" to me expound on the trials and tribulations of my veggie garden (this will be Year Two), and hopefully you will learn something new with each visit.

That said, please bear with me while I navigate my way through the early steps of making this blog a fun place to be.


  1. I'm impressed. It looks great. Very professional. I hope you have lots of visitors ... both to your blog and to your nature center! ~Your sister

  2. Ellen,

    I'm glad to see you are doing this and I agree that it looks as if you know what you are doing.!

    The only interesting sighting around here lately was a flock of pine grosbeaks. And at a new area to explore near Brant Lake, an otter on a pond eating a fish in the middle of a big pond. It then disappeared in the hole, never showing up again. Evelyn

  3. Hey cousin,
    this is icredible! I have never blogged before but your site is lovely.
    why dont yu put some of your quilt work on it, so I can see it!
    So the dog is really cute! I have been cogitting getting a cat but it is a process.
    We misssed you at Christmas , but i understand.

    So I will follow the blog!


  4. Very nicely done! I will be adding it to my "favorites" to check regularly. I may work a lesson plan around it...

  5. Your blog has a thoroughly professional appearence. Love the use of color and the pictures you include. I've read all the entries today. Our local newspaper had a feature on Redpolls recently. I'm already learning some things I didn't know. Good job, Adirondack Naturalist! Keep 'em coming. But don't get overwhelmed with the responsibility of it all... . Taking breaks are a good thing! ;-)Yr. Uncle C.