Sunday, January 27, 2008

Time off...

I've been "on vacation" for the last week. One of those "use it or lose it" deals with vacation time. It was great. I got a lot of sewing done, basked in the warmth of my wood stove, and went skiing with Toby.

Skiing with a dog can be a challenge, especially when one's dog cannot be off-leash. I rigged up a couple leashes, tied them around my waist, and we were off.

I think Toby likes skiing - he gets to go fast - much faster than when we walk through the snow along the roadsides! Downhills are great fun, unless he decides to slow down, which is even worse if he does it while crossing in front of me and thus getting run over by the skis (luckily, I don't go very fast). The biggest problem was when Toby spotted the herd of deer, which unfortunately happened just as we were starting to go down a rather long and steepish slope. Gravity and dog both work, and I was gathering speed much faster than was comfortable. In order to take control of the situation again, I executed a spectacular fall, bringing us to an immediate halt. Whew! The deer were long gone, but the excitement lingered for the dog. I brushed off the snow and decided we would stick to more level areas of the golf course.

I think I see more skiing in our future.

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