Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I've been away the last few days. "Away" meaning I took time off from work. It was beautiful weather - I should've been out doing naturalist stuff. Instead, I did household stuff - cleaning, grocery shopping (a day-long event here in Newcomb because it requires a trip to Glens Falls), and reading. And even though the days were bright and sunny, with scads of blue sky and sunshine, the wind was bitter cold!!! Still, things have been melting. The roadsides are all covered with snert (or is it snirt?) - snow and dirt, or dirty snow. The snow away from the roadsides is alternately rotting and freezing. South-facing hillsides are bare. In other words, it looks like April out there, not early March.

This morning when I went out to fill the feeders (birds have been Spartan lately - even the blue jays are not wiping out the peanuts on a daily basis), I was shocked to see the following signs of spring:

1) Tulips, up almost two inches!

2) Daffodils up about an inch, pushing steadily through the leaves!

3) Azalea buds starting to swell and turn green!

4) The rhododendron leaves turning green!

At 8:30 AM, even Toby was lying down and soaking up some rays.

Even my 50 gallon "rain barrel", which collects the water dripping from my leaky gutters, was full of water. WATER. Not ice! After a clear night! The skim of ice on top was so thin it only took a gentle tap to shatter it. It's been full of mostly ice for weeks.

It's just too early for these signs of spring. Either we are going to have spring really really early this year, or we will get dumped on and all these plants will be sorry they put in an appearance so soon in the season.

When I got to work, I noticed that another warm weather creature had been out and about:

This is the remains of the bag of solidified bacon grease I had at the feeders. Remember the raccoon from my last post? I'd give good odds that it (or one of its friends) finally discovered this high-energy snack a couple nights ago and made short work of it.

Our snow stick is down to about 12 inches. More sunny weather is predicted for this week. It sure seems like spring.


  1. Careful, careful, don't jinx us by celebrating spring just yet. March is the month we often get dumped with huge heaps of snow. But at least it then melts quite promptly in the hot spring sun. I can feel from here the warmth of Toby's fur.

  2. Wow! Your bulbs are way ahead of anything here. Nice!

  3. Jackie - I hear you! I always warn folks that it may be nice, but it ain't over yet! Last year I was proven wrong, for spring elbowed winter aside and never let it return!

    Barefootheart - the bulbs are way ahead of where they should be here, too!!! Like Jackie said above, it's not out of the realm of possibility that we might get another foot or more of snow. Or ice, which seems more likely each winter. Still, it's pleasant to see the new green growth. Wait till you see what I post today!