Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Tracking Books

Following the enthusiastic advice of my blogging pal Squirrel, I ordered a couple new tracking books. I've been eagerly awaiting their arrival - what tracking bibliophile wouldn't? They arrived today - hooray!

I was uncertain at first about getting this book, Stories in Tracks and Sign, but after reading it, I'm glad it did. The author, Diane Gibbons, presents a wide variety of photographs of animal tracks from all over North America, and each is followed by a painting that shows the animal in the process of making those tracks. This is very helpful in learning how to use your imagination to picture how the tracks you see were made (which can often be quite a challenge). Her subjects range from easy (deer trails) to challenging (mole crabs on the beach). A good book to add to one's tracking library (or to borrow from someone else's tracking library).

This book is put out by Stackpole books, the same folks who published Mark Elbroch's mammal and bird tracking books (which is why it looks a lot like them). I can already tell that Tracks & Signs of Insects and Other Invertebrates is going to be a well-thumbed book in my field pack. Not only does it include insect (and invertebrate) footprints where appropriate, but it also includes other insecty (and invertebratey) things, such as eggs, cocoons, and feeding sites. Every curious naturalist should add a copy of this to his or her stash.

Thanks for the tip, Squirrel!


  1. Yeah, I was just going to write to tell that my book arrived and you MUST get it. I just thumbed through it and loved every page. The spider web stuff is an unexpected bonus. My friend Trillium says I going to be insufferable now but WOW what fun I'm going to have inching my way across the landscape. Already I'm saying, "Oh, so that's what that was." Ain't it all grand!

  2. According to Amazon.ca, Track & Sign of Insects won't be released until April 29, 2010, but they list one copy in stock. That's good service! You're on top of things, Ellen.

  3. Barefootheart - it could be that it takes longer for books to get up there across the border. :D Actually, when I placed my order with Amazon.com, it was slated to be instock by around mid-April, so I was surprised to get it before April even arrived! Maybe your's will be available sooner, too.