Saturday, March 20, 2010

They're Heerrre

Overslept again, so Toby and I were on a quick walk this morning. We were cruising by the rescue squad when I heard it. Could it be? Again. Cheerily Cheerily. It must be. A robin.

And sure enough, as we were coming back down the home stretch, a bird with an unmistakeable chunky brown body and yellow bill flew up into a tree. Then another flew across the street. The next thing I knew, I was seeing robins everywhere.

And it's the first day of spring. How appropriate.

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  1. Hi there Ellen. lovely to get your comments on the blog. I had to laugh because even with my modest old manual SLR camera I took better photos.I also read you post about the blackbirds. I have been trying to take a photo of the redwing blackbirds.. in flight.. my efforts are laughable. By the time my, again modest, digital has sorted out its auto focus they have moved to another tree and are laughing at me. I do better with stationary herons!