Monday, August 18, 2008

Autumn Colors et al

Already the trees are sporting their fall colors. Usually at this time of the season a few trees have started to turn, but typically it is a leaf here, a branch there. This year, however, it is whole trees. Sugar maples, mostly, but also a few ashes and, of course, the cherries and poplars with their yellow and brown leaves, which have been falling to the ground for a month or so now.

Where to go to see the leaves? The road between Minerva and Newcomb is always a good bet for color. This is State Route 28N.

And now for the "et al" portion of this post.

I had a request to post photos of the invasives in my previous post. I still do not have a digital camera, and my print photos are being developed, so here are links to some photos that might be helpful:

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