Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Native American Festival

This last weekend was the Native American Festival in Saratoga. It wasn't listed as being a pow wow, but it turned out to be very much like other pow wows that I've attended.

There were many vendors, some with beautiful art work: native pottery, carvings, flutes, paintings, baskets, etc. There were also the cheap "Indian" stuff vendors - tacky colored feathers on leather strings that you clip to your hair, wooden whistles for kids, etc. There were also storytellers, singers and musicians. And, of course, the drummers and dancers.

The dancing is usually the highlight of these events. As usual, it started with a grand entry, wherein the flags enter the dance circle. This was followed by a veteran's dance, honoring those who fought for our country. No photos were to be taken during these dances. Afterwards, however, we were allowed to "shoot at will", photographically speaking. So, here are some of the images I took:

Group of women - note all the different styles of dress.

This gentleman was one of the veterans.
Vietnam, I believe.

This gentleman was/is a WWII vet.

Woman Dancer

This gentleman was one of the veterans. US Navy.

Jingle Dancer. These dancers are named for the jingles
on their dresses. Only women are jingle dancers.

This was the head man dancer, Don.

These two images are of a young man who is doing a Grass Dance.
The Grass Dance, apparently, was done to prepare an area
for an encampment or ceremony; the steps of the dance
are done in a specific way to flatten the grass.
The long yarns on his outfit mimic the tall grass of the prairies.

This man was the fanciest of the men dancers.

Another of the men dancers. I believe he is Oneida.

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  1. That looks like quite an exciting day. And it took place here in my town of Saratoga Springs. And I didn't even know about it! Darn, I sure missed out. And missed seeing you. Let me know next time you come to town.