Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sleigh Bells Ring

We had some fine fall weather this weekend - the sun was actually out and I was finally able to get some gardening done (including planting the garlic).

Crabapple Glow

Toby was happy because we got to play a little soccer! Nothing like a good romp after a soccer ball to fill your afternoon.

Is this a happy-looking dog or what?!?

We had a nice hard frost Monday morning - it lasted until after 9:30 AM! Toby and I were on our walk and I had to dash back home for the camera.

White Pine (Pinus strobus) seedling.

Queen Anne's Lace (Daucus carota) - aka: Bird's Nest

I didn't ID this at the time. I think it's Blackberry, though (Rubus spp.)

But this morning, that all changed. This is what greeted me out the garage door:

Across the street a couple turkeys were taking it all in stride.

I decided to play with the camera and take some black and white shots of the snow. I kind of like the Ansel Adams look it gives to the landscape.

Some neighbors have some old farm equipment out front.
I love the nostalgic look.

Down at the Hudson River.

Of course by now it's all melted away, but it sure made for a pretty morning drive.

Update: according to Dear ol' Dad, the piece of farm equipment pictured above is "an old critter-powered road grader used to smooth dirt and gravel roads when they became rutted and full of holes. Too bad there isn't something similar for asphalt highway potholes!" Thanks, Dad!


  1. Such beautiful shots; I especially loved the farm equipment in the morning snow.

  2. What lovely photos of frost on plants and snow on the Hudson River! Because the misty snow added an atmospheric graininess, the black-and-whites reminded me of ones by Seneca Ray Stoddard, legendary 19th-century photographer of the Adirondacks.

    But no matter how lovely it is, I don't want to see snow until at least Thanksgiving.

  3. Makes me cold just looking at the frost. I love your B&W photos. Very A. Adams. You should print and frame them.

  4. Very pretty. I like the B&W.
    We just had our first hard frost a couple of nights ago.

  5. Gorgeous photos . . . and your header picture of the butterfly is AMAZING! I'm looking to get a new camera: may I ask what you use?

    Thanks! :)

  6. Wow, esp love the Hudson pix. Almost abstracts. The middle one is very striking in forms and composition. I can see it as a huge print or painting.

  7. Chicken Mama - The header was taken with a Nikon D40, which is the camera we have here at work. Photos from late July '09 onward are mostly taken with a Nikon D90, the camera I bought. It doesn't do close-ups very well, so I need to get a real macro lens for it, but it did a nice job with the B&Ws, didn't it?

    Trillium - I was thinking the same thing about getting a professional print of one of the Hudson B&Ws.

    Thank you, too, to Barefootheart, Squirrel and the two Jackies for your kind words!

  8. Fantastic photographs, as always. (I still have camera envy!)