Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Day

I spent Earth Day travelling.

I was off to Maryland for a job interview, and had taken my camera along with every intention of visiting parks along the way and taking photos, but one thing led to another and I decided that I'd not risk getting lost and ending up late returning the rental car and possibly missing the flight home. So, no pictures.

Suffice it to say, though, that it is already SUMMER in Maryland! And the people I met, all except the surly guy at the parking garage, were incredibly friendly and polite. If that's a sample of Maryland hospitality, I must say I am very impressed!

So, Happy Belated Earth Day to all.


  1. Whereabouts in Maryland? My best friend's parents moved down there a few years ago, to a lovely and peaceful spot just south of Pennsylvania and north of Baltimore. It's so appealing there that it's one of the few areas my husband and I think we could move in the south. I hope the job hunt is going well!

  2. Hope the job interview went well. Hopefully you'll have other opportunities for photos there.

  3. Woodswoman - the job is in Frederick County. They are building a new nature center and are looking for a park naturalist. Looks great, but, like I said, I was one of 30 applicants. I've got my fingers crossed I get invited to a second interview - it would be a great place to work.

    Barefootheart - from what I could see from the highway, there is good photo potential! It's in a rural area, although one of the most rapidly growing parts of MD. This is why preservation of open space and agricultural lands are important to the county. As I wrote above, it would be a great place to work - they seem to be very forward-thinking when it comes to the environment and open space.

  4. Oh my goodness. I live 40 minutes from Frederick, MD. That would be sooo cool if you got a job here. The area is wonderful. Think of the fun we would have! You would be between Ocean City and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Maryland is very good about the environment. The Audubon Naturalist Society plays a big role in that. And Wild Wonderful West Virginia would be in your backyard. This area is very rich in bio diversity.

  5. Squirrel - Well, coincidences keep building up! I've had a number of encounters with folks from the greater Frederick area in the last month. If I was a person who believed in signs, I'd be thinking the stars were all aligning for me to get this job. But, I know that things don't work that way. I've had my hopes up before about jobs and have had them dashed, so I'm not counting any chicks while all I have at this point are a few unhatched eggs.

    That said, I was VERY impressed with all the people I met on my trip - such a friendly place. The heat and humidity of summer would be a challenge for me, but I suppose I could work with that - reminding myself that it means a longer growing season in the garden!

    I'll keep you posted!