Sunday, January 11, 2009


This morning I had a rude awakening. When I came home last night the sky was clear and I was braced for another subzero night. But when Toby and I headed out for our walk about 7 PM, no stars were to be seen. Hm, thought I, the clouds seem to have moved in. Well, this morning I opted to sleep in, since all I had on the agenda was driving to Glens Falls and the weather was predicted to be sunny and mild. When I finally got up and slogged into the kitchen, I saw my car was buried in snow, as was the end of the driveway! With Toby on his leash, we forged out from the safety of the garage - we must've had about 6" or so (say 5-8") overnight. Hm! Fortunately it was very light and fluffy, so shovelling was a breeze, even the near-foot of packed snow the plow left behind (no town crew going around on a Sunday morning to plow out the ends of our driveways).

What came to mind, as I stared at all this snow, was all the phone calls I fielded yesterday about the skiing and snowshoeing conditions. As of yesterday, they were great. As of this morning, they are probably still good, but there will be a bit more snow to go through for the first folks out on the trails. Still, it looks like it will be a fairly nice day - just be careful on the roads, which are a bit slick (or were at 10:00 AM when I headed out).

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