Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring is Sneaking Up on Us

It is officially Spring in my book:  I found my first blooming flowers out and around the house on Sunday, 

and I hung out my first batch of laundry of the year! 

Things are starting to green up nicely.  Here are some of the native flowers I planted out front last summer.

Not everything fared so well, though, I'm afraid.  This is my poor sand cherry.  Looks like something made a right thorough meal of it over the winter.  All my other young trees and shrubs made it through the winter without rodent damage, but on Sunday I noticed that the sand cherry was not so lucky.  Some of those chew marks are three feet above the ground!!!  Now, I know we had more snow that folks around here are used to, but we didn't have three feet of snow!  It must've been buried in the snow I shoveled off the deck.  I'm not sure it's going to make it...only time will tell.

And this morning there's a towhee scratching under the feeder outside my office window.  It's another bright and sunny day, but the 70+ degree weather from the weekend is gone...we are at a brisk 40-something with a chill wind this morning.