Friday, September 16, 2022

Moving Back to New York State!

 I do not know if anyone is following this blog any's been so long since I've done anything even remotely consistent when it comes to posting here.

But, I am moving AGAIN!

For the last five and a half years, I have been in northern Illinois, learning and teaching about the natural history of the Prairie State.  It has been a rewarding and educational time.  

Some of the highlights of my time here have included seeing bison up close and in person; learning about prairie ecosystems; exploring the four rivers in this county (Rock, Sugar, Pecatonica, Kishwaukee); learning about freshwater mussels; seeing a badger (it was roadkill, but still, it was a real badger); creating amazing and imaginative camps for our summer day campers.

(Showy Orchid at Coleman Dells - EJR pic)

(Big Bluestem in bloom - EJR pic)

(American Badger, deceased - EJR pic)

This summer I applied for a job back in Central New York, where I grew up.  In fact, the job is at the nature center that I grew up visiting as a child:  Rogers Environmental Education Center in Sherburne, NY.  It has been an incredibly busy 5 weeks since I accepted the job - and I start on October 3rd.  

(Photo from

I am excited to be moving "back home," and will only be a 2-3 hour drive from my beloved Adirondack Mountains!  I am looking forward to exploring both the mountains and central NY.  I'll have my canoe ready to paddle, and my winter gear ready for real snow.  I anticipate learning more of the native vegetation and insects of my home region, and can't wait to explore many of the state lands there.

(photo from

Hope you will join me as I learn about the beauty and nature of Central New York!