Friday, May 7, 2021

Spring is Rolling In

We have days where the temps soar to nearly 90*F, and the they plummet into the 30s, and we get frost warnings.  It's the new "normal" for spring.

But the joy is that the spring birds are coming through, and the spring wildflowers are all a-blooming.

Here are some recent sightings of note:

Eastern Towhee - they've been back a few weeks now.

Rose-breasted Grosbeaks - arrived last weekend.

Baltimore Orioles - also arrived last weekend.

Red-headed Woodpecker - such a stunning bird!  
This one has been visiting our birdfeeders.

Blue-grey Gnatcatcher - out nabbing insects 
in the trees along one of our trails last weekend.

Palm Warbler - a life bird for me, photography-wise.  
This was last Sunday.

Violet Wood Sorrel 
(just in case you thought all wood sorrels were yellow).

Six-spotted Tiger Beetle (they've been out for a couple weeks now)

Nymph of a green assassin bug - doing what it does best.

Female Andrena - a native mining bee - 
unfortunately getting a meal from garlic mustard.

Green frog hiding underwater in the creek - 
trying to avoid being caught by an overly enthusiastic family.

Prairie Violets - a new species for me.

White Blue-eyed Grass - there seems to be a thing here in the Midwest 
where species are white instead of the colors I'm used to further east 
(like the trout lilies, and now the blue-eyed grass, which is normally blue).

Prairie Smoke - most is already past blooming, but this one 
was still hanging on last weekend.

Hoary Puccoon - I just love the name - 
and I love the brilliant orange blossoms!

False (or Bastard) Toadflax - not quite blooming last Sunday.

Temps are chilly again most of this week, and there is a frost advisory tonight.  But I may still go out and about on my days off to see what new spring arrivals are about.