Saturday, July 4, 2009

Change is Good

I've never quite been 100% happy with the blue background, so I thought I try a change today. You can't beat basic black, eh? We'll see how this goes for a while.

Yesterday saw me in my canoe for the first time this year. It was a rainy day, but the folks signed up for the Rich Lake Paddle were not about to be deterred by a little rain, so off we went. (Because of the pending precipitation, I did not bring the camera.)

Our wildlife sightings were not many: a deer in the distance browsing in the wetland along the shore; two loons; a bunch of damselflies emerging from their nymphal cases, standing out like banners at the tips of the rushes as they rested and dried their wings before taking flight; and a whole mess of deerflies.

Flower sightings were even fewer: some of the rushes had flower tufts at their tips; one steeplebush was in bloom in the wetland at the end of the lake; and that was about it.

Rumor has it that the clouds and rain might clear out this afternoon (says she, listening to the rain pattering on the leaves outside her window). While we really haven't gotten a lot of rain in Newcomb, it has been enough to keep things damp. We would all like to see some sun and blue sky.


  1. Sorry, but I'll have to read your blog straight from Google Reader now -- my eyes can't read the white print on the black background :(

  2. OH, NO! Thanks for the heads up. Who knew? I'll see what I can do about that.