Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm "on vacation" for the next two weeks. This means

* sleeping in;
* reading books;
* trying to get paddling dates with retired friends;
* hopefully visiting the ranch from which I get my meats;
* and maybe buying a digital camera.

It also means I should

* mow the lawn;
* scrape, prime and paint the garage door;
* clean the house;
* defrost the big freezer;
* etc.

I may get to post...if I get to the libraries. Until then...


  1. I love the snail in the previous post. Do you know what kind it is? Looks like a little like a Mesodon normalis but I am not certain.

  2. Squirrel - it seems like you know a lot more about snails than I do! I figured I'd spend some time trying to ID it when I got back from vacation! Wait 'til you see the snail shots I got last week while paddling down on the Hudson in Glens Falls! They were ENORMOUS!!!