Friday, October 1, 2010

The Water is Wide

This Welsh folksong (The Water is Wide) has been going through my head for two days now, thanks to all the rain we have had. How much rain? No idea, but I'd say three inches wouldn't be an unfair guess. All of the Northeast has been deluged these last couple of days, thanks to the remanants of the latest tropical storm.

When I left the house, I glanced at the camera. Knowing I'd regret it if I left it behind, I nonetheless did not take it with me. Afterall, it was still rainy, and my destination was the library, where I was going to work on job applications and write a piece for the Adirondack Almanack. I wasn't going to be out looking for photographic subjects.

But, when I drove over the Hudson River just outside North Creek, I regretted not having the camera. The water is waaaay up, and rushing along its course. Normally, there is a rocky shoal just downstream from the bridge. This morning it was easily three or four feet below the water. It might even be five feet below it.

Then there was the little mouse that was dashing across the library's lobby.

With my luck, I'll see a moose on my way home.

Well, no. With my luck, I won't.

Still, not to leave you with a Photoless Phriday, I'm attaching a photo of the quilt I just finished (people keep asking me to post pics of my quilts). This was a UFO I've had sitting around for about, oh, six years? It was mostly done, but not quite. I was on a mission this summer to complete all the not-quite-done quilts on my guest bed. Now all that remain are the commission I'm working on and one that I will probably never complete - a wagon wheel pattern that just isn't working out for me.


  1. Oh, Ellen, that quilt is GORGEOUS!

  2. So you have "never have a camera when you want one" syndrome, too. It just never fails. Your quilt is very beautiful, and I bet it will be warm on some of those cold Adirondack nights.

  3. Another beautiful quilt, Jo! You do such outstanding needlework! (I like that my hairy grandson got into the image, too.) Love, Dad

  4. Wow, I'm totally impressed with your quilt! It's beautiful!

    Once again, we are on similar wavelengths. I've been watching the river here rise and thinking "The Water is Wide". Didn't know it was a folksong though. Just remember the movie.
    As for moose...I hope you'll drop by and see Saturday's post.