Friday, April 15, 2011

Homeless No More

There it is - my new house!  I know - it looks like an awful lot of space for one person.  But that front bit is a porch, and the top bit is just two rooms, perpendicular to each other.  Total: two bedrooms, a living room, a "parlor", a dining room, a weeny kitchen (sigh), two bathrooms, a laundry room, two porches and a deck (!), and a genuine root cellar.  Built in 1910, on just over four acres, surrounded by some McMansions, but mostly agricultural land and state wildlife management land.

Moving day?  Next weekend - Easter!


  1. Just in time to plant a big garden and plan for some fruit trees. I am so happy to think of you in your own home. Congratulations!

  2. Oh, what a pretty home. Congratulations to you and Toby! I hope you 'll be very comfortable. So great to have 4 acres too. Bring on the good weather!

  3. Wow, love your new digs!!! It does look large but doesn't sound that large. And don't forget, it's for one person and a wonderful dog too!!! I am always shocked when I hear that an older house like yours has a small kitchen. Didn't owners (that would be women back then I suppose) do a whole lot of cooking, baking, and preserving? Wouldn't they have needed the larger kitchen that so many of us have today even more so than we need in this day and age? I suppose the builders were mostly (or all?) men and didn't ask? Well, congrats on the new house soon to be home. Hope you and Toby get settled in and comfortable real quick. If I lived nearby, I'd give you a hand on moving day. Hope others do come out to help. What's that saying .... "lots of hands make work easier" ... or something like that.