Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back in the Butterfly Garden

It's hard to believe that after all the heavy frosts we've had we still have butterflies around. I grabbed the camera this afternoon to get some photos of the brilliant asters in the VIC's butterfly garden only to discover that they were covered with butterflies (monarchs, although a mourning cloak was flitting about acting as though it was looking for a place to puddle) and bees! It has become a very warm day in the sunshine, and like some of our staff, the insects were out and about getting a bite to eat while soaking up some sunshine.

Here are some images from the garden:

The highlight was this male monarch who was sporting a tag! We've done butterfly tagging here in the past, but I've never encountered a "wild" butterfly with a tag before! I don't know whose tag this is, but if you know a butterfly tagger (most likely in the Adirondacks), ask if this is his/her tag! It reads: LNJ 186. I've placed a call to Monarch Watch to see if they can send me the info about this butterfly.

Enjoy the rest of the show:


  1. I didn't know that butterflies could be tagged. I always thought that their wings were too fragile for any kind of touch. I'm interested to hear what you find out about the tag.

  2. my daughter's fourth grade class just tagged some monarchs so i was glad to see a picture of what this actually looked like. also curious to know what you found out about the tagging.