Sunday, September 28, 2008

Make Way for Turtles

Now is the second time of year when we must all be alert for turtles. This time, however, it isn't the gravid females on their way to dig nests and lay eggs for whom we watch; it is their off-spring, the tiny hatchlings who've decided to emerge before snow flies and make their way to water for the winter.

This tiny snapping turtle was found by the students last week tackling the hill at the beginning of the Sucker Brook Trail. How it evaded the running feed of ten students and the plodding boots of two adults is beyond me!

At first we thought the little guy was dead, but low and behold it wasn't. Now this lucky snapper has a home for the winter at the VIC, living in a luxurious tank in our Children's Space.

So keep your eyes peeled and slow down when out on your travels. We want to help as many baby turtles survive as possible!

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