Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Phenology Today

We had our first frost of the season last night, with a low of 29*F at my house. Autumn is here.


  1. Ellen:

    I have recently completed building a second home in Newcomb right behind the Newcomb House and near Woodruff Pond. I was reading your remarks posted recenty on the Adirondack Almanac site and felt you received some undue criticism. Even though I built a large log home deep in the heart of the Adirondacks I did so with the intent to minimize my footprint. The home is far away from the water, its completely off grid and solar powered. Your remarks were spot on. People fail to realize that we truly will never own land and therefore must be responsible with what we do with it. We only "borrow it" while we or our families are here. I have nearly 200 acres with a zoning of 8.3 acres giving me the opportuity to subdivide into 24 lots. I have no intent to do so. I purchased and developed the land to be a responsible land owner. This is all that any of that live in this park should strive for and expect from others. Be responsible. Recognize our carbon footprints. Understand the damage we can do if we ignore certain guidelines. I sense this was the purpose of your article. It struck a nerve with some people because deep down they knew they are not always acting responsible. Just my two cents Ellen. I'd like to say more but not in a public forum. Do you have an email address?

  2. Oh boy! That's pretty low. I'm heading up to the Malone area tomorrow. Better pack some warm clothes.

    That scat was maybe half the size of my fist. There aren't supposed to be any bear in this area though, in the Spring, young ones have been known to wander through a little South of Rochester, looking for new territory. So, I'll go along with your "probably raccoon" identification.

  3. Anonymous - thank you for your kind words. It was a touchy subject, and I expected some negative feedback. Mostly I was simply amused at how much feedback I got! I spent two hours crafting a response yesterday only to have the computer not only deny its publication because it was too long (one of my faults), but also completely wipe it out! All that work gone. >sigh< If you would like to write more, "off the record", my email is ejrathbone@gmail.com.