Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Here

Moving Day has come and gone. We loaded the U-haul on Friday, and headed out.

Saturday's weather was fine, but that night The Storm that nailed the upper midwest arrived. When we left Toledo Sunday morning, it was raining. By the time we reached Michigan, it was snowing. The roads were not great by the time we got to Jackson.

We arrived at The House (which I think is technically a summer cottage - more on that later) before noon and began unloading. A new neighbor showed up about mid-afternoon and lent a very welcome hand. Monday morning more bodies were here to help shift the remaining boxes and furniture.

Most of the stuff will remain in the boxes, but I started unpacking the essentials last night, like the kitchen.

I have since noticed that it is indeed rather chilly in here. I'm used to having my heat at 58*F "back home," but some how 58*F seems an awful lot colder here. Hm. AH! Must be the windows. Yes, they are single pane windows, and there is ice on the inside. Hm. Single paned windows, no basement, suspect insulation...it must be this was built to be a three-season abode.

Oh, well, one can live almost anywhere for a year...and a lot of people around the world have it a lot worse.

Anywho, this morning the sun is out again. Toby and I cruised the neighborhood, and here are some shots for you to enjoy.

Just outside the back door.

The canoe made is safely.

The "famous" view of the lake (Vandercook lake) - a big selling point
for the realtors who handle this property.

View of the neighborhood.

A new neighbor.

Just up the street. A far cry from Newcomb, NY, eh?

Heading back into the lake community.

Note the raised hackles. Toby was being barked at by
a very enthusiastic border collie.

Ah, the lake once more. Apparently the Grand River has it's start here.

And back at The Cottage.

The wind is now blowing and the chill emanating from the windows is telling me I really MUST go in search of some insulated shades. Maybe I'll get some plastic to cover the windows, too.


  1. I don't know, but I get a feeling, cold and all, you are going to enjoy your new neighborhood. How nice of your neighbors to help you move in. That bodes well for the future. And, for the cold, Smartwool socks are a must.

  2. Somehow I missed that you were moving away from NY. I hope you enjoy the move. It looks like you have been chosen by a nice neighborhood.

  3. welcome to your new home! The cottage looks cozy, and your new neighbors sound nice too. Never underestimate the insulation value of BOOKS - line the walls with them. Back in Vermont, I was quickly converted to flannel sheets - they make a big difference.
    Those of us Back East will be still following your adventures - and wishing you well.
    Sue P

  4. Thinking it smart to plastic up the windows the way dad did when we were kids. Perhaps your new neighbor would lend a hand so you have a nice tight seal? Any thoughts on confronting the real estate lady about her less then forthrightness on the house in general? Seems WAY misleading to me if you have lots of problems. Stay warm! LOVE the view ... I think you're going to like your new home. Will you have internet now? Please let me know when I can mail your gifties :)

  5. Suep - Yes, I am really hoping that all those books and unpacked boxes form a cold barrier. I feel a very cold draft oozing around the closed door of the room in which they are all stored, so I don't know how much good they are actually doing. And the flannel sheets went on the bed first thing!

    Elizabeth - the modern day plasticer puts the plastic film on the inside of the windows, but I've often thought a second layer on the outside, ala Dad, wouldn't be a bad idea, either. And yes, I am sending a letter and itemized list to the realtor regarding not only my displeasure, but also the costs I'm deducting from the rent, including a reduced monthly payment until the locks and windows are fixed. I'm only withholding $25/mo for that, but I hope it will get the point across. I seem to have found a feral wi-fi signal from somewhere in the neighborhood, so at the moment I have internet. You can mail me at any time now.

    Louise - I LOVE my SmartWool socks. Sadly, I only have one pair, but I have several pairs of Thorlo as well, plus good ol' ragg wool socks that I wear as a second layer. When things get really cold, I break out the moose hide and wool felt liner mukluks. Toasty warm!

    Beyond - yes, I was losing my job with NYS at the end of the year and had been looking for a new job since spring. Finally had an offer from Michigan, so here I am!

  6. Ooh, you live on a lake! One that runs into a river! Let's hope your canoe gets a workout come spring. In the meantime, I know your Adirondacker experience will help you cope with whatever winter throws at you. Those Jackson winters can't hold a candle to Newcomb's. Best of luck in your new home.

  7. Glad you made it safely to your new abode. If the little wood stove is in working condition, a fire should make the room pretty cozy. Best wishes in your new home.

  8. Sadly, Barefootheart, that little woodstove was one of the things I had to leave behind. That first photo is of the living room in my house in Newcomb. I'm really missing that stove, especially today when I was chilled from doing the X-mas bird count all day and got home to no hot water!

  9. Welcome to the neighborhood! Carrie B. just let me know that you are here and I am so glad! Not enough female paddlers in the area IMHO!. Just a little nit-picky detail...the pic of the lake you show, with the split rail fence is actually Mud Lake. It is connected to Vandercook Lake by a small stream and is drained by an old Mill race that goes to Sharps Lake.

    You can also get wifi at the Bone Island Grille just up the street. It is a friendly pub and handy. The folks at ACE Hardware will be more than happy to help you warm up your place a bit as well.

    I hope to get out to Dahlem to meet you this week. Cheers!

  10. We've used the plastic on our old house in the past... it works but can make using shades difficult, so keep that in mind when you go shopping. What works better for us (privacy-wise) is to set the shades at the level we want them, put up the plastic over the inside of the window (and the shade) then use insulated curtains to block the neighbor's view at night.

  11. Best wishes for your new home, your new job and everything else new that you encounter. NY made a big mistake by giving you away, who knows maybe you will be back someday!