Sunday, January 23, 2011

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Like me, you might have missed it.  I saw a notice from a friend back in Newcomb (thanks, Charlotte) that Friday, 21 January, was Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Now, I know, a lot of folks really don't like these fluffy-tailed rascals, but I think they are kinda cute...and amusing.  And they come in so many varieties.  Back in Newcomb, we had red squirrels, the occasional grey squirrel (and even a black morph or two), and flying squirrels (seldom seen).  Oh, and eastern chipmunks.

Here in Michigan, I've added the fox squirrel to my life list, as previously mentioned.  But we also have thirteen-lined ground squirrels (I really can't wait to see one of them!) and least chipmunks (who knew that chippies came in two flavors!).

They may raid our feeders, greatly increasing our feeding costs.  However, the optimist will look at them this way instead of as thieves:  they encourage us to use our brains and ingenuity to come up with ever new and creative ways to foil them!  In other words, they are helping improve our cognitive development!

However you feel about squirrels, you should read Outwitting Squirrels - a  light-hearted approach to living with squirrels in your back yard.

As for me, I think I will toss a few extra seeds outside on the ground this morning, just to let them know that I, for one, kinda like 'em.


  1. I like squirrels. I better, because, at times, I have counted up to 13 under the feeder. Of course, I've encouraged this because every day I scatter a couple of bowls full of sunflower seeds on the ground. I get a kick out of their silly antics. I have mostly grey ones, though, occasionally, I will see red squirrels for a season, then they disappear.

    I think it's funny that any animal or bird that is successful at adapting to various conditions is generally considered a nuisance. We should be admiring them for their ability to succeed.

  2. How can you resist them, when they look as cute as the one in your photo? And it's always worth the price of the birdseed to see them figure out how to get at the "squirrel-proof" feeders.

  3. Of course you can add me to the list of squirrel fans. Nice photo.