Friday, September 23, 2011

That's a Lotta Watta!

I just received the Long Lake e-Newsletter and on it was this photo.  It doesn't say, but I'm presuming this was taken after Hurricane Irene hit. (Update - nope.  This was from the flooding this spring, back in April.)  That's the Adirondack Hotel in downtown Long Lake - and that's Long Lake lappin' the front porch.  Normally, about where the person is holding the camera is the town beach, which looks across Route 30 at the Hotel.  Do you see a beach?  A road?  Nope - the lake flooded right over both!  And here I thought Keene had taken the worst hit!  Looks like Newcomb was surrounded by damage, but squeaked by with only a token amount of rain.

Here's a video I just found from when the water started to recede:

And here's another this one from the Long Lake, NY blog:

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