Thursday, December 1, 2011

Snow & Frost

Tuesday it rained.  And rained, and rained.  The wind blew.  And blew, and blew.  The roof leaked.  And dripped and dripped.  And then it turned to snow.  (Well, the precipitation turned to snow, not the roof.)

This is what the world looked like Wednesday morning:

This morning while walking Toby, I noticed all these wonderful long ice crystals on the plants - and the early morning sun hit them just so.  I had to grab the camera and snap some shots before dashing in to work.  Enjoy.

Happy December to All.


  1. That's beautiful. We are forecast frost tonight. Hope your roof is fixed...

  2. Beautiful. I especially like that opening photo.

    We just got our roof reshingled last week. They finished on Sunday, just sneaking under winter's radar. Good luck with yours!

  3. Lovely photos. There is a kind of love affair between a camera and snow or ice. Maybe it is just me though. I really do like to look at those kinds of photos. Cannot believe you already have snow. We were in the low 30's this morning but it is sunny and bright so the temps. have been rising all day; just coolish now.

  4. Wow! I've never seen frost needles that long. Very pretty!

  5. Fantastic photography, Jo! (Up to your usual standard of excellence, I see!) Dad