Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For a Good Time, Call...

It's a pity the group I had today was so young (2nd graders), for the find-of-the-day was a bit beyond them.

As I took the second group up the short path to the picnic area to play a rousing game of "Fox and Hare" (essentially tag on snowshoes), I noticed this little treasure:

It is fox mating season, and here we have a wonderful clue for this - a female red fox in heat leaving her sign behind. Not only did she urinate in this spot (always good for picking up a date), but she left a small drip of blood behind as well - a sure sign she is in heat.

How cool is that!?!

Meanwhile, I had permission to take the camera home with me over the weekend to try and get some good track photos for use in a PowerPoint show. We didn't find much the first day because it snowed and the plows went through, obliterating any evidence of tracks. Things were looking up last night and this morning, though.

Of course, Toby went along (hence, the "we"). Okay, technically, I was out walking the dog and the photo-taking bit was a side-line.

But taking the family pooch along when you are tracking isn't always the best idea because Rover will do his best to be in the photos.

Afterall...if YOU are looking at it, then it must be worth ME looking at, too!

But who could say "no" to this face?

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  1. How cool, indeed! You can actually see how Miss Fox squatted to leave her signature. This time of year, every tracking adventure has the potential to become a sex-ed class.

    Love the photo of you, Gear Girl!