Friday, February 27, 2009

The Howl-leluia Chorus Returns

Last night as Toby and I were strolling back homeward past the golf course, we heard a bark, then a series of yips, followed up by a full-fledged howl. I know it was a coyote, but for a fleeting instant as it howled I imagined it might be a wolf. Then the rest of the clan chimed in - yipping away and barking. And way in the distance, eastward, we hear a lone yip replying. The golf course gang was fairly close - I could almost distinguish the positions of individual members when they vocalized. Toby was very alert - ears perked, gaze focused. But then human voices broke in, screaming and talking. I tried to track them down, but never saw anyone. Hm. There were only so many places they could've been, but not a trace was found. I even heard their foot steps running down the road (the same road we were walking down). It was enough to make one think they were ghosts!

OH, and yesterday I had a redpoll at my office window bird feeder! It's the first one of those we've had since December.

This morning dawned sunny and mild, with the clouds scudding northward in the strong winds. It is ever so odd to see clouds moving in the opposite direction they usually travel. And the wind was gusting from the east - usually it's from the west. The sky is now dark grey. A storm is on its way.

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