Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Bird

These are bird days - lots of activity!  I was simply tickled pink to have an oriole come to my feeders!

First it was trying to feed from the hummingbird feeder, but this wasn't designed for orioles.

So I quickly refilled the oriole feeder, which has larger feeding ports and perches set at oriole distance from the holes.  It also has little dips around the edges for grape jelly, which supposedly orioles love.  I have yet to have an oriole ever eat the jelly, but I've heard other people say it works.  

Between the oriole(s) and the hummingbirds, I have run out of sugar!  I must get a bag today so I can make some more nectar.

Nectar is very easy to make, and so much cheaper than buying it:  boil four cups water and add one cup sugar.  Cool and serve.  No red food coloring is needed.

Four cups of nectar used to last me a month...if the weather was cool and the nectar didn't mold.  Now, however, I'm going thru four cups in a couple days!

And then there are the barn swallows...


  1. I've heard from fellow bloggers that orange slices are good for attracting orioles. I put some out in my lilac shrub and they were gone half and hour later. Squirrels, I think.

  2. @ Woodswalker, it may have been a hungry golfer. I heard they prefer slices over hooks!
    Sorry ladies, my wife left me alone for two minutes. I am a big fan of both of your blogs.