Friday, July 5, 2013

Dark Skies

One of the things that I miss since moving to Michigan is the star-soaked night sky. Back in Newcomb I could go out any night that was not completely socked in by clouds and see millions upon millions of stars. I couldn't hold up a hair and not have it touch stars. Here, when I go out at night, I can hold up my hand and move it across vast areas of sky and not hit a single star. People here say how lucky I am to live where I live because I'm "out in the country" and get to see so many stars. They have no idea.

I found this video today from Yosemite - perhaps it'll give you a taste of what I have lost.


  1. It's disturbing how divorced the majority of people are from the natural world, including the night sky. Good video.

  2. Have you visited the International Dark Sky Park in Emmet County, MI? It opened in 2011 and remains one of only a handful of dark sky parks in the world.

  3. Hi, Ann - I haven't heard of this park before, but now it is on my bucket list! Thanks!!!