Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Killer Frost

Monday morning I woke to a world of white. But the sun was rising, melting the frost with great alacrity. I grabbed what photos I could before the sun wiped the slate clean.

It may have been a killer frost (just ask the zucchini vines), but isn't it beautiful?


  1. Exquisite! I'm blown away. Is that what they call a hora frost?

  2. It's gorgeous! You captured amazing photos here. My favorite of these is the second one, the rims of the leaves look as though they are lined with white. Very cool!

  3. Squirrel - according to my Dictionary of Environmental Science, hoar frost is a "term used for ice crystals formed on surfaces when nocturnal cooling of the Earth...causes the temperature of the air in contact wtih the surface to drop below its dew-point. Note that hoar frost only occurs if the dew-point is less than 0*C..." - otherwise you just get dew.

    Now, I don't know if dew-point was achieved, but I suspect we can safely call this hoar frost and few would quibble with us. :)

    Jessie - I'm glad you liked the photos, too. We are always our own worst critics, so I look at them and think how they could be better (tripod, macro lens...). Of course, most of the credit must go to Mother Nature. :)

  4. It's a good thing winter has its charms, isn't it? It sure starts early up where you live. We haven't had frost in Saratoga yet, but in some ways I find it a relief when it comes -- no more trying to nurse a few more flowers out of potted plants that are looking pretty scraggly. And no more bugs! Except for ticks, which hang around until deep snow cover, I've heard.

    Lovely photos!