Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Unwanted (but not unloved) Guest

When I got home yesterday after work, I decided to dig up potatoes. It wasn't a joyous occasion (found some disgusting slime that was formerly spuds), but at least I got a few.

I was schlepping the spuds into the house when I heard the distinctive fluttering sound on the porch - I had another hummer.

Like the other hummers I've had, she was battering herself against the top of the window. For some reason, they get stuck there and do not think to look for another exit. I have no idea how long she had been there, but she was looking pretty tired and battered. It was easy to grab her.

I took her outside to one of the flower gardens, thinking she probably needed some nutrition pretty soon (birds can fail so quickly). I opened my hand, but she just lay there, blinking so slowly, and with a barely perceptible heartbeat. I thought for sure I would lose her. She closed her eyes and nearly flopped over, but in a blink she rose from my hand and flew to the bee balm, buzzing around the flowers and sticking her beak into the blossoms for sustenance.

All was well.


  1. They are so delicate. You were blessed to be able to hold and help her.

  2. Oh man, Ellen, you must really rate with the nature gods! How many mortals ever get to hold a hummingbird in their hands? I'm glad it seemed to recover. For all their delicateness, they are tough little birds, able to fly thousands of miles without resting.