Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On Vacation

Just in case anyone is wondering where I am this week, I took the week off to look for jobs, and to use up some time (use it or lose it, y'know).

So, I probably won't have any posts this week. Stay tuned...I'll be back next week.


  1. Good luck and we'll be waiting for your return!

  2. Have a good holiday, and good luck with the search.

  3. I'm very sorry you're having to look for other jobs. I know the future of the VICs are uncertain, and it's just a shame. The work you do there and share with the public is invaluable in cultivating an awareness and appreciation for not just the ADK park itself, but for the world at-large -- the world that sustains us physically and spiritually, and for which we are utterly dependent upon. Thank-you!

  4. Thank you, all! Hope springs eternal that a similar job will come up and I will get it.

  5. Dear Ellen and Mr.T -
    The world out there is missing a special talent if they are not begging for you to work for them. We wish you well.
    Tom & Cody