Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shameless Advertising

If you are interested in learning some tracking techniques, and if you are willing to travel to Newcomb, I will be teaching "Tracking 101 for Adults" on Saturday, 23 January 2010.

The program begins at 1:00 PM. We'll be indoors for the first part of the program, learning footprint and gait patterns, scat ID, et al. These are the basics you need to get you prepared to identify what you see.

Then we'll strap on snowshoes and hit the trail. At the moment there are lots of great tracks on our property, so hopefully this will continue through next weekend.

Bring water with you, and a snack, but be sure to eat your lunch before you come. And you'll want to bring appropriate outdoor gear (hats, fleeces, mittens, etc.), although we have snowshoes to lend if you need them.

If you want to come and play with us, give us a call - program is pre-registration. Our number is 518-582-2000.


  1. Are you an employee of New York State at the Visitor's Interpretative Center in Newcomb?

  2. 'Wish I could!! I'm sure it would be fun and educational! Enjoy!

  3. Anonymous - yes I do.

    Catharus - another time perhaps. :)

  4. Sounds like a great program, Ellen, especially with you leading the way. If you were 30 miles away, I'd be there. But I've been downstate with my grandkids for almost a week and I can't wait to get back to "my" woods and see what's been tromping around by the river. I hope you will show us photos of what you find.

  5. Woodswalker - I'm sure you're having much more fun with the grandkids! I've got another tracking class scheduled in February (27th, 1:00 - 2:30ish) - maybe you can join us then!