Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bringing Friends Around

Our rosy-fronted friend was back again today, and not only did he bring his lady-friend with him, but apparently he brought the neighbors, too, for another male and female were in the trees and on the feeders as well.

I tried for some more photos, but without much luck, except this one image:

Who knew that rose-breasted grosbeaks also had rosy wingpits? As long as they keep their wings down you'll never see them, but when they flap, there they are.

The females, which look like large female purple finches (that is to say they are brown and streaky), have yellowish stains around their wingpits, again only visible when they flap.

The yellowish blur in the photo, by the way, is a goldfinch.


  1. Well, that one image is a doozy! Raspberry-red armpits and all! Who knew?

  2. Having just started birding in West Virginia, I must say you east coasters are hogging all the coolest birds and most of the salamanders. I'm not moving from Oregon, but could you send some of your glory our way?