Monday, June 9, 2008

The Biting Insect Grand Slam

Step right up, folks! Now's the time to get 'em all. Yessiree - all four of your major biting insects are out and about NOW!

We've got yer black flies, yer deer flies, yer mosquitoes and even yer noseeums!

No standing in line! Just stick your nose out the door and you, too, can delight in the seasonal joys that only these winged wonders can provide.

Bug shirts? Only if you want to swim in your own sweat!

Bug dope? The little biters just laugh at it.

You can run, but you can't hide. So join the fun with hundreds of your fellow tourists - the Adirondacks in June - it can't be beat.


  1. Ha ha, my kids camped at Cranberry Lake over the weekend and fed the bugs well. The bugs, they are in peak form right now. The birds love them!

  2. As a friend of mine in Long Lake used to say, "If you don't use bug dope, you'll be eaten alive. If you do use bug dope, you'll only be eaten half alive."

  3. I call 'em the Adirondack Air Force (AAF for short). They've been protecting the Adirondacks from over population since--well, the last ice age. Doin' a damn fine job of it too! Flatlanders beware!

  4. Thanks to all the folks posting comments! Some of the comments about the insects are great - you've got to love the humor!